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We welcome volunteers with a variety of skills and expertise. Whether you’re a software developer, community organizer, or just a person passionate about climate change adaptation, your contribution is welcome.

Your financial support helps us maintain, improve, and expand CogniCity OSS, ensuring it remains freely accessible to all. If it is going to stand a chance, climate adaptation must be open and accessible; it must center the concerns and needs of the most affected and at-risk communities; and, it must quickly and effectively develop the tools that are already desperately needed. With committed financial support, CESA can steward and maintain CogniCity OSS as a global public utility for climate change adaptation.

Partner with Us.
We are open to partnerships with NGOs, community-led organizations, private sector and industry leaders, and government agencies who share our mission and values.

Join the Alliance.
We are building a network of Regional Hubs and National Nodes worldwide. Join us in our efforts to mobilize billions of users for a global movement facilitating climate adaptation.

Use and Promote CogniCity OSS.
Use CogniCity OSS in your community to share real-time disaster information and encourage your network to do the same.

To learn more about how to get involved, please contact us at admin [at] cesa [dot] global.

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