An initiative of Yayasan Peta Bencana [Disaster Map Indonesia], the Climate Emergency Software Alliance (CESA) is a pathbreaking internationally-focused organization working at the forefront of climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Comprised of a dedicated team with deep roots in community-led research and engagement, CESA is a leading innovator in the development of infrastructure for inclusive, participatory climate adaptation.

Our flagship product, CogniCity Open Source Software (OSS), has already been adopted by millions of users in Southeast Asia. However, we believe that to address the urgent challenges posed by climate change, we must meaningfully engage everyone affected. To this end, we are currently working to scale our proven software for DRR and climate adaptation from hundreds of millions of users in Southeast Asia to billions of users worldwide.

Because CogniCity OSS harnesses the under-leveraged potential of mobile connectivity—and the social media and messaging services it enables—we are convinced that its global adoption can help to facilitate participatory, equitable, and cost effective climate adaptation at scale.

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